A fighter group was created in 1957 (approximately in May 1957), after hero Grigoris Afxentiou had sacrificed his life.

Originally, the fighters used to stay in the home of Ignatios Mitrofanous, in a crypt located in the barn of the house (it still exists and it is maintained).

Next, Ignatios Mitrofanous and the other guerillas constructed two hideouts. One in Kionia, which they would use in the summer, and a second one near the village, at the location “Pervolia-Moutti tou Klimathkiou”, which they would use in the winter. 

The team consisted of Sector Leader Andreas Shieittanis, the Deputy Sector Leader Theodosis Tsaggarides and fighters Anreas Tzionis, Ntinos Gallos, Andreas Antoniou, Anthimos Machairiotis, Yiannakis Christodoulides, Apostolos Constantinou and Sofronis Limpouras. For a short period of time the hideouts were used by fighters Leftis, Mesiouris and Praxitelis.

EOKA’s task in the area was to monitor the areas of Kapedes, Machairas, Lazanias, Gourri, Farmakas, Fikardou, Klirou and Kalo Chorio, to ambush and to manufacture explosives. The explosives were manufactured in the house of Ignatios Mitrofanous, who was responsible for transferring them to Nicosia. He would also supply the team and participate in the missions.  

Finally, it is worth mentioning that within the village’s boundaries was also the hideout of hero Grigoris Afxentiou, whose sacrifice is well-known to everyone.



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