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  • Creation of a Folk Art Museum in the housing core which is to be housed in a mansion owned by the Church.
  • Creation of a Playground, a greenery area and an Amphitheatre with a capacity of 300 seats in an area conceded by the Church.
  • Construction of a new water reservoir with a capacity of 50 tonnes.
  • Expansion of the Wi Fi network throughout the Community.
  • Expansion of street lighting throughout the Community.
  • Creation of a Picnic Area.
  • Separation of building plots to be granted to poor families.
  • Exploitation of the Nature Trails leading from Lazanias to Machairas and from Lazanias to Fikardou.
  • Widening and maintenance of the existing rural roads and registration of four new roads.
  • Asphalting of the 4-km-long road leading from Lazanias to Odou with parallel alignment and widening of the road where necessary.
  • Expansion of street lighting and water supply network.
  • Twinning of the Community with a community in France baring a similar name.
  • Establishment of the annual Cultural Festival in cooperation with the Ecclesiastical Committee of Agios Georgios and the “Toumatsia” Association of Expatriates. 
  • Street naming
  • Creation of a small parkland with pedestrian areas within the Community’s boundaries and of a Trail which will link the housing core on land that will be granted by the Ecclesiastical Committee of Agios Georgios.
  • Construction of a Multi-Usage Hall

 January 2021


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